The Clear Skin Solution

with Katie Stewart, RHN

Dealing with Acne is Frustrating & Confusing

Waking up every morning and dealing with yet another painful breakout makes you feel hopeless. You have to layer on makeup to have enough confidence to face the day. And some days, you call in sick or cancel plans with friends because you’re so embarrassed by the state of your skin.

This is no way to live.

As an adult woman..

You shouldn’t feel like you need to hide (because you think people are judging you for having pimples).

You shouldn’t stress about the unpredictability of your skin (and worry if a huge cystic pimple is going to pop up on that day of your big event).

You shouldn’t have to feel like having acne is a life sentence for you (even if you’ve had it for years).

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin again.

You want to...

Stop having acne affect every area of your life and holding you back from living it.

Be done with the years of battling breakouts.

Finally have clear skin as an adult woman and not feel (and look) like a teenager.

Feel happy when you look in the mirror and not burst into tears.

Be as healthy as possible and take care of your body.

Stop spending thousands of dollars on skincare every year that works for a second and then leaves you back at square one.

Feel confident about yourself and have your self-esteem back.

Option 1: Stay exactly where you are relying on prescriptions and products that have gotten you nowhere. Wasting your money on the latest skincare regime that gets half used and then gets push to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about. Damaging your body further with the countless prescriptions and making the problem worse.

Option #2: Invest in your health and get the results you’ve been praying for. Follow a proven step-by-step system that heals the body so the symptom of acne clears up.

Where do you want to be 1-year from now...

Still dealing with unpredictable, angry and painful breakouts? Feeling stressed about your skin and impulse buying every new acne cleanser and cream that pops up on your social media feed. Spending hours on Google looking for any acne article that may help. Obsessing over your face every time you pass a mirror and spending 45-minutes int he bathroom every night staring at your skin. Having to wear makeup just to leave your house and run errands. That’s another 12-months of feeling exactly how you feel right now.


Being free from your biggest insecurity. Waking up in the morning and not thinking about your skin. Washing your face and applying a little face cream before heading out the door. Going to the gym or grabbing coffee with a friend without any makeup on. Getting compliments on how great your skin looks and feeling good about yourself.

If You're Done With Acne & Want Your Life Back...

The Clear Skin Solution was made for you.

Here's What You Get Inside
The Clear Skin Solution...

12 Modules of Clear Skin

Combination of video and audio lessons with downloadable PDFs and resources. This gives you the framework on how to exactly clear your skin and keep it that way easily. 

Private 1:1 Coaching Call
with Katie

We delve deep into your specific situation to really get the best results possible. This is where we personalize the Clear Skin Methodology for you based on your current health situation.

Client FB Group
& Group Coaching Calls

Private FB group is like having Katie on speed dial. Any question you have, pop it in the group and get correct advice for your health. Plus, twice monthly calls with Katie & one monthly call with our esthetician, Alexis.


  • Lifetime access to program methodology content and any future updates ($1997 value)
  • 3-Phase Methodology to heal your gut, detoxify your body and balance your hormones. Includes 12-modules of Online Video & Audio Lessons with PDF downloads and guides ($1297 value)
  • 6-Month Access to The Clear Skin Solution Private Facebook Group for daily support and expert answers to all your personal skin/health questions ($997 value).
  • 6-Month Access to Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Katie to keep you accountable and offer on-going support ($2700 value).
  • 6-Month Access to Monthly Group Coaching Call with Alexis Fletcher (Holistic Skin Therapist, Spa Owner & Award-Winning Esthetician) to go over all your skin care questions. ($600 value)
  • Bonus #1: 1x 30-minute 1:1 Follow-Up Call with Katie + personalized protocol updates ($150 value) 
  • Bonus #2: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Essential Oil ($47 Value)


Retail Value: $7788 CAD
Your Price: $1497 CAD

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Client Story: Jenyne W.

As a busy working mama of two little girls, Jenyne was struggling to get her skin cleared up. She tried eating healthier but still wasn't seeing the results she was after. We worked together to tailor my protocols to her so she could finally clear up her skin. Now, she goes to work without making (or spending an hour applying it every morning).

“I got on the IUD at 24 yrs old after my first kid and it gave me terrible cystic pimples. I tried millions of products from Proactiv to Vichy Norma Derm. I used prescriptions like Tactupump and spent thousands on facials. It only made my skin worse. After consulting with Katie she advised that it could be a combination of both hormones and diet. So I followed the protocol she outlined for me and I switched to a simple cleanser. After a few months, my skin improved significantly. Now my skin is completely blemish-free, I don’t even have to wear makeup. I don’t even break out around my cycle. I really owe it to Katie for her knowledge, and guidance during this clear skin journey. Thank you, Katie!!”


Client Story: Amanda P.

Amanda had been struggling with digestive issues and chronic acne. After coming off the birth control pill, her breakouts continuously worsened over the last few years. She'd tried a number of topicals and changing her diet. Amanda said she didn't know what else to do. We got her started in The Clear Skin Solution in April. Five month later, her skin had completely cleared and no longer deals with her digestive issues either.

Client Story: Paige F.

Paige went from having chronic acne and breakouts every clearing up her skin and only wearing SPF and tinting her brows.
She also no longer deals with insane PMS or intense hormonal rages. Her stomach pain that had plagued her every time she ate is now gone, too.

"I could talk about Katie as my skin guru all day long. She didn't just help me get clear skin, she also helped me gain my confidence back. She helped me uncover underlying issues and has taught me so much about skin health. Now I don’t have a care in the world when putting on makeup or going without! I even went to a party without any makeup!"


More Client Love...

Frequently Asked Questions

Accountability, on going support and expertise. These three things make a huge different in success vs. going at it alone. You have me to hold your hand every step of the way and provide expert advice to ensure you get rid of your acne.

Having my 3-step system gives you a clear outline of what needs to be done. No more spending hours Googling things and feeling overwhelmed by it all. I am able to pinpoint why you haven't had results previously and help successfully move past it.

You get lifetime access to the program content (ie. video/audio lessons, downloads and meal guides). Any future updates you will also automatically receive as well.

You receive 6-months access to the group coaching calls and private client only Facebook group. If you would like to retain access beyond the 6-month period, options are available.


The golden question! There are two things to take in to account.

1. The length of time your body has been dealing with these imbalances.

2. How committed you are to staying the course. You can't do 50% of the work and except 100% of the results.

With that said, most of my clients typically see improvements within 4-6 menstrual cycles and big results around the 9-12 month mark. Remember, getting rid of acne is not an overnight process. Healing your body and your skin takes time and commitment. Future you will thank you for it.

The entire course, consultations and calls are done online. You'll receive your own login credentials to the content hub where you can go through the lessons at your own pace. Both the 1:1 consultations and the group calls are done via Zoom Video Conferencing. Our client-only group is hosted privately on Facebook.

While there are no requirements to purchase anything else, I do give you the option of supplement recommendations. I work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need and do so within your budget.

For those that want to go even deeper with optional lab tests, I can recommend options for you and interpret the results to include as part of your clear skin protocol.

The first three months while we undergo the therapeutic protocols, the dietary guidelines will be more restrictive.

From there, we will create a healthy (and simple) lifestyle that makes you and your skin happy.

Goods news: anytime we remove something from your diet we make sure to replace it with a healthy substitution. I never want my clients to feel deprived. You will feel satiated and happy.


Here’s how the 30-day guarantee works:

In order to receive a refund, you must have watched the first module of video lessons, attended at least one group coaching call and have sent in one weekly food diary for review. At this point, if you feel like the program isn't right for you, then you will receive a full refund and any future payments will be cancelled.  

NOTE that your program will be cancelled and you will no longer receive access to any of the program or it’s components. This guarantee applies for the first 30 days after the date purchase. No exceptions regarding refunds will be made after 30 days. 

About Katie

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and specialize in helping women with acne clear up their skin from the inside out.

I suffered through years of cystic acne across my face, chest and back. I spent thousands on facials, creams, and medicated ointments. I'd leave the doctor's office with a new prescription in hand. All of that did nothing to get rid of my acne.

I needed to find a way to address what was actually causing my breakouts instead of this band-aid approach. And The Clear Skin Solution is it.

I developed this root cause resolution through my years of formal nutrition education and training. I've had 80+ clients go through this exact program. 


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